5 Resume-Building Skills You Can Learn in 1 Day

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If you have recently applied for a job, you know how competitive it can be. Between all the laid-off employees looking for employment, to the internal workers already climbing up the ladder, it can be impossible to stand out as a student or fresh graduate. However, you can still make your resume stand out from the rest by learning new skills.

Most students make the mistake of assuming that just going to school will automatically prepare you to dive headfirst into the workplace. However, a lot of employers look for special skills often not taught in schools that are relevant to the job offer. For example, if you are looking for a front-end engineering job, companies will be looking for people who know CSS and Javascript, not just a general Computer Science degree. 

Of course, if you are currently job searching, you probably don’t have the time to learn complicated concepts. But don’t fret, there are still many skills that don’t take a lot of time to master, and can give you an advantage during your job search by helping your resume contain the right keywords to get past the screening robots

Let’s discuss 5 of these skills that you can learn and add to your resume in just one day.

Project Management

Whether you are going into a more independent field like copywriting, or a career that requires more teamwork like sales, project management is one of the most important skills you can have. Through free courses, you can learn how to create project plans, learn to use project management software like Asana, and more. These courses can be only 3-4 hours for beginner sections, which is a small investment of your time to get those keywords onto your resume. 

Microsoft Excel  

Excel is one of the most commonly used tools any business can use. From payroll management, to keeping tracking of profits, Excel has been and will continue to be the #1 software tool for many businesses. Learning to use Excel at an advanced level will give you a huge advantage over others who may just know the basic steps.

There are various courses to learn different tools, with most of these lasting from 30 minutes to only 4 hours. From machine learning to Power BI, there are certifications for any and all Excel skills, but starting with a beginner course will allow you to not only feel comfortable with Excel, but confident when adding it to your skillset on your resume. 

Photo and Video Editing

Even if you think you wouldn’t need editing skills in your field, it’s still very useful for group presentations or proposal requests. Adobe encompasses some of the most in demand skills for a modern job search, from photo editing to video production, so it becomes very useful to have these skills on your resume. 

There are multiple short classes to get a head start on some of the various tools Adobe offers, from Photoshop to After Effects. Of course, Adobe software is so feature-rich that one can spend a lifetime becoming an expert; so don’t be hard on yourself if these introductory courses don’t seem like enough. Keep in mind that you are resume building, and giving yourself the ability to add the right keywords that can get you through the initial ATS screening system. You can always just continue to flourish these skills once you get the role. 

Sales Strategies

No matter what field you're in, you will always need to sell something. Whether it’s learning how to sell your new idea to higher-ups, or learning how to close a deal with partners, companies love to see someone who not only has hard skills, but soft skills as well. Skills such as negotiation or closing strategies are high in demand for companies, and by showcasing these credentials, you are able to show that you can work with others well. These skills also give you an advantage in the job search over students who may not yet have these skills, since they are concepts interns mostly learn through on-the-job experiences. 

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is one of the fastest growing fields in creative tech. However, this skill isn’t just for people who want to pursue it as a career; even non-designers have courses specialized just for them. With how in-demand this field has become, there can be multiple teams working on a company’s UX, from programmers to research teams. By learning UX, recruiters and managers don’t have to create a crash course for you to learn the company's strategies, making you a more attractive candidate compared to other applicants. Additionally, if you have enough knowledge and certifications, you could even lead the UX campaigns in your respective department. 

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