3 Reasons You Should Consider a Remote Internship in 2023

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After several years of remote schooling, I had no idea how I was going to go back to in-person work/school again due to the new life I had gained from remote work.

Many argue over which internship is better, remote or in-person, and I am here to speak from my experience of now having three remote internships to tell you that you can gain great experience working online. Here are three reasons you should consider a remote internship in 2023.

No Commute

Not having to commute changes the game.

As a college student who has a strict schedule including classes, studying, homework, and handling an internship on top of that, I found that not having to commute changed my life drastically for the better.

When I graduated school, I had to commute to a position that was 30-45 minutes away from me (I was spending time in my car for 60-90 minutes a day), depending on traffic. After five months of commuting, I fell asleep at the wheel on my way home (luckily no one got hurt), which is when I realized I needed a change.

I am not the only one who supports remote internships. According to the article, Virtual Internships During the COVID‐19 Pandemic and Beyond, “remote internships can help interns obtain work experience with employers of their choice despite their location, potential disabilities that may place limits on their mobility and other (e.g., family or employment) obligations.”

I no longer have to get dressed up, commute to work, and gain real-life experience as a remote intern. I wake up, do a morning routine, sit down at my desk, and get to work. 

I do not have to pay for gas and depending on the internship, whether it is paid or not, I save money by working from home. I can also work for companies on the other side of the U.S. and make connections further than my usual sphere and perspective.

Especially for students without reliable means of transportation and limited funds for commuting, remote internships can be a lifesaver as well as a career builder.

Improved Mental Health

The pandemic was rough for me at first, but once things went back to the “new normal” we live in today, I only considered remote or hybrid work because of how much I have been able to stop, think, and be present with myself. I am able to get more sleep, exercise, journal, and have a healthy meal in the morning.

Mental health and sleep are directly related to your diet, contributing to overall well-being. Having more time to spend with myself, journaling in the morning, and having a daily routine that allows me to get more rest makes my life easier.

I remember pre-pandemic, rushing to class when I lived 20 minutes away, struggling to find parking, and barely making it to class on time because I stayed up late the night before studying for a test.

The saved time from not commuting can be used for exercise, making a healthier breakfast, sleeping longer, and studying. Rather than worrying about waking up at 5 am/6 am to do everything (exercise, eat, get ready, clean, journal, etc) before a typical 9-5 job, remote work allows interns to wake up later, and be done with their morning routines without having to sacrifice sleep.

Having more time to take care of yourself is the most important aspect of mental health. If you want to check out great nutritional foods to eat during your internship check out our blog post, Top 5 Brain Foods to Power Your Internship.


I have laundry in the wash right now and on my lunch break I plan to dry it,  something I could have never done if I was always working in an office. Remote interning has a unique kind of flexibility that I would have never imagined. 

Here are a few examples of remote work flexibility:

If you are not doing 40 hours a week, you may be able to have two part-time remote internships due to the time you are saving. This way, you can gain more experience, add to your network, and learn as you go.

If you have a class online in the afternoon, then you can work on your internship in the morning, and then when class is over you can take a walk and spend time with your family afterward, cook dinner, and or get some chores done. 

Depending on your internship, you may not even have to work the typical 9-5 hours and have the opportunity to get work done late at night if that’s when you are most productive (like I am!).

If you have to take your pet to the vet and let your employer know you have to do it during the typical 9-5 hours they may ask you to do the work at a different time if it did not get finished.

You can wear comfy pj’s to work if you really want to… makeup, no makeup, work at a desk, work on the ground, or have a dance party break for 3 minutes when you need inspiration.

The world is your oyster when you work remotely.

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