Investment Banking Accelerator

The PathMatch IB Accelerator is a twelve-week remote program that brings together top investment banking summer analyst candidates interested in increasing their odds of landing in top investment banking firms.

Kick-off Date: May 24, 2021

Get ready for Summer Analyst recruiting season

The PathMatch Investment Banking Accelerator is a twelve-week remote program that brings together top investment banking summer analyst candidates interested in increasing their odds of landing in top investment banking firms.

We combine the power of insider knowledge, online training, interview preparation, world-class speakers, and customized support to help you stand out against the competition.

Program agenda

Who is this for?

This program is intended for rising Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors looking to interview for Investment Banking internships.

Program agenda

Program at a glance


Technical Preparation

If you feel confident answering these questions on the fly in an interview, you don't need us. If you don't, we'll help you prepare.

  1. Walk me through a DCF.
  2. What factors can lead to the dilution of EPS in an acquisition?
  3. Why is cash subtracted from Enterprise Value?

World Class Speakers

Hear from other analysts, associates, and recruiters who share their outlook, best practices, and stories from the trenches. Learn from the best.


Learn How to Network

Landing opportunities at top investment banks requires thoughtful preparation and networking, something that doesn't often come naturally to many students. We guide students through the process of building their network thoughtfully and making introductions where we can.

Exclusive Virtual Events

PathMatch partners with investment banks to host virtual events throughout the Accelerator, creating opportunities for learning and relationship building.


Build Your Recruiting Plan

Learn when to apply, what firms to apply to, and your routes for landing interviews.

HireVue, Behavioral Interview, & Super Day Prep

With 250,000 other competitors for roughly 1,000 internship slots, just getting to the interview stage is not enough.  You have to be prepared to answer common interview questions asked in the HireVue, Behavioral Interview, and Super Day stages.

Much more

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We've got a lot in store for you, and can't wait to welcome you into our PathMatch community.

The PathMatch Method

We're building a modern educational platform that connects learning, preparation, and community to help students get the edge they need to succeed. We're building a community and network of students and professionals. With every new program, your network gets stronger.

Unparalleled Knowledge

You’ll get access to expert speakers, office hours, guided interview preparation, and our session library full of curated content.

Scaled With Software

We’re building in-house tools to improve how we share community knowledge, aligned opportunities, and helpful connections.

Community Diversity

We’re proud to have a community diverse in culture, thought, and life experiences. This enables growth, inclusive solutions, and boundless growth opportunities.

Develop Strong Networks

We provide members with community, education, and support. This is a place for cohort-style learning, but also deep personal connections.

Engineered Serendipity

When everyone is going through a shared experience and seeking similar goals, incredible things happen.

👋 Need more info?

Schedule a free info session with one of our experienced Career Coaches. They'll answer your questions and help you better understand if Pathmatch is right for you or your student.

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Ready for anything

After deciding investment banking wasn’t the right path, I had no clue what I’d be interested in. My mom was referred to PathMatch by a friend and signed me up. Within the first month, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. After 4 months, I had 3 internship offers to choose from. I was so much more prepared than my friends for any interview scenario. Thanks PathMatch!

University of Miami, Hired at IBM

Accelerator Agenda by Week

Week 1: Navigate the Landscape and Timing

  • Learn about the players, departments, and figure out where you fit in
  • Are you a fit for M&A, TMT, Equity Research, Industrials, or something else?
  • What's the difference between PE and IB?

Week 2: Your Networking Toolkit

  • Establishing and building banking industry contacts
  • Eliminate cold outreach anxiety as you follow our easy system for networking
  • Convert informational interview requests into real meetings
  • Discover the secrets of getting interviews
  • Shortcut the cold outreach learning curve with templates, scripts, and sample recordings

Week 3: Advanced Excel & VBA

Learn Excel shortcuts, formatting, formulas, graphs, and data analysis, then automate your workflow with VBA.

Week 4: PowerPoint Pro

Learn to use PowerPoint to showcase your data and findings.

Weeks 5-7: Financial Modeling Mastery

Learn Accounting, Valuation, and M&A and LBO Models. These are the fundamental skills you'll need in investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds – and you'll be ahead of the game by mastering them before you start working.

Weeks 7-12: Mini Virtual Internship

Leverage your skills within real-world projects with companies. Build your resume and have examples to share in your future interviews.

Weeks 8-9: Case Study Preparation

Work through 15+ practice Excel-based case studies. These are similar to the types of case studies you’d encounter at standard IB/PE interviews. You’ll build 3-statement models, value companies and build DCF analyses, make M&A and investment recommendations, and complete merger models, LBO models, and even a debt vs. equity financing model.

Weeks 10-12: The Interview Guide

  • Learn how to pitch yourself like a pro and master the most important question in any interview: “Tell me about yourself” or “Walk me through your resume/CV.”
  • Understand the concepts behind the technical questions and practice with your coaches
  • Prepare for "Fit" Questions – Learn how to customize your story to answer virtually any qualitative question.

Can't attend? More dates to come!


Investment Banking
Accelerator 1

Application Deadline: March 12, 2021

Kick-off Date: April 12, 2021


Investment Banking
Accelerator 2

Application Deadline: April 16, 2021

Kick-off Date: May 24, 2021


Investment Banking
Accelerator 3

Application Deadline: May 14, 2021

Kick-off Date: June 21, 2021

What You Get

Six weeks of curriculum, online seminars and events
Guaranteed internship placement for six to ten weeks with continuous support from our coaching team
Resources to help you be effective as an intern
Resume, LinkedIn, and interview prep
Opportunity to continue your internship throughout the school year
Craft your Summer 2022 Internship Strategy
Lifetime access to the PathMatch alumni network
Total Cost


Per student, per Accelerator

Payment plans and financing options available

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Worth every penny

I didn't know about finance careers growing up but had heard of investment banking. I got to college and realized how competitive it was to even land a Summer Analyst internship but had no idea how to prepare or even get interviews. Everyone else I knew had connections that I didn't have. This program taught me everything I needed to know to land each of my HireVue and Super Day interviews. I was so prepared each step of the way with the insights I learned from just 12 weeks. Best investment in my future.

Cornell, Hired at JP Morgan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I spend time and money in an Accelerator?

The average college course at top universities costs $5000+. However, it's tough to calculate the value of that course to your career.  PathMatch Accelerators teach you skills you don't learn in your college courses AND pair it with an internship that builds your resume.  Internships at top companies can pay $9,000-16,000/summer. Starting entry-level salaries at top firms can be $85,000 + bonus.  But, you can't land these without previous experience. Our Accelerators give you the skills and experience you'll need to increase your odds of landing top internships/jobs, thus increasing your earning potential.

‍After working with thousands of students to help them land internships and jobs, it's become so clear that your starting point is crucial.  There are 19.6M students in college competing for roughly 1.5M internships each year, so the competition to even attain experience is steep.

From the time you start college, you start building your resume.  This resume will follow you for the rest of your career.  Your first job is extremely important as it determines your second, third, and so on.  Landing your first job often starts with the Junior year internship as hundreds of companies use their internship program to make new grad offers.  But, landing the junior year internship is difficult if you don't already have experience from a previous summer. Chicken meet egg.

Employers receive hundreds if not thousands of applicants for every available internship.  So, building the case that they should hire YOU requires thoughtful planning and preparation.  While GPA and school matter, skills and experience matter as much, if not sometimes more.  Your resume will be one of hundreds/thousands.  Will it serve you well?

Internships for Freshmen and Sophomores are notoriously difficult to land as you often don't have the skills necessary to be helpful to companies. That's where PathMatch comes in.  6 weeks of accelerated skill-building + 6 weeks of resume-building internships = the launchpad for your next internship/job search.

How do I ensure a spot in an Accelerator?

Accelerator program sizes are limited, so you will want to complete the application process immediately in order to secure a spot.

Who is the ideal candidate for this program?

Our program is ideal for:

- Rising Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors looking to ensure they have the skills and experience to land competition internships and new grad jobs.

- We look for students who are genuinely motivated to succeed.  Students who understand that college classes alone are only going to get you so far.  Employers look at resumes to determine who they want to interview and unless you have internship experience, you're going to struggle against the competition.

What is the Accelerator program fee?

Most accelerator programs cost $3,999. Our Sales & Business Development, UI/UX Design, and Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Accelerators cost $2,999 due to extreme demand from our corporate partners. This covers all online curriculum + internship placement + guidance throughout your internship + coaching at the end of the Accelerator to prepare you for your future recruiting process. Think about this as an investment in your future self. Our programs are designed to improve your future career prospects.

Do I need to have previous experience?

No, our Accelerator programs are designed for students with no experience.  We'll help you build the relevant skills needed to be productive in your internship.  The purpose of our Accelerators is to help you build skills and experience, as well as prepare for future internship/job interview processes.

How many hours a week should I expect to spend on the program?

Our Accelerators courses are delivered fully online and combine self-directed (asynchronous) learning with live (synchronous) sessions.  Our courses are designed to provide some rigor in accelerating your understanding of key concepts and skills, while also giving you the flexibility to complete the curriculum and work deliverables on your own schedule each week.  A good rule of thumb is to allocate roughly 20 hours per week to the Accelerator so you can master skills in the first 6 weeks and complete weekly projects weeks 7-12.

Will I receive college course credit for this Accelerator?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer course credit.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

The Deposit

The $1000 program deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. This is because PathMatch has a limited number of spaces available due to internship matching and has incurred costs planning each program.

Accelerator Cancellation by the Participant

In the event that you no longer want to attend your Accelerator, please let PathMatch know in writing more than 20 (twenty) working days prior to the Accelerator. We will work with you to refund:

- the Fee amount that has been paid to PathMatch, excluding the deposit, if you furnish PathMatch with valid reasons and legitimate documentation for your withdrawal from the Accelerator, such as severe illness or a death in the family; or
- the amount you have paid of the Program Fee, if any, once 30% of the total Fee and the deposit have been deducted, if we do not accept the reason for your cancelation.

In the event that you cancel your attendance 20 (twenty) working days or less prior to the commencement of the Program or during the Program, you will still be responsible to pay the full Program fee because all Program preparations have been made and PathMatch cannot replace your spot in the Program.

Accelerator Cancellation by PathMatch

**PathMatch reserves the right to refuse your Accelerator application prior to the payment of the deposit and/or cancel an Accelerator Program for any reason in its sole discretion.**

In the event that a Program or skills development course is canceled by PathMatch at whatever time, PathMatch will notify you as soon as practically possible in writing.

If the cancellation of an Accelerator was in the reasonable control of PathMatch, we will work with you to refund you the amount that you’ve already paid for the Accelerator, within 40 (forty) working days.

If the cancellation of an Accelerator was not in PathMatch’s reasonable control, such as governmental restrictions or instances of force majeure, we will work to refund you the amount that you’ve already paid for the Accelerator, less non-recoverable costs and the deposit, within 40 (forty) working days.

**You have no further claim against PathMatch for any loss or damage incurred as a result of this cancellation, whether direct, indirect or consequential.**

Where does the program take place?

All Accelerator programs take place virtually and can be done from the comfort of your home.  Our online curriculum is self-paced with weekly check-ins with your coaches.  You'll have weekly mini-assignments and assessments to complete to ensure you're staying on track, so you're prepared for your internship.

All internships are also virtual.  You'll have the opportunity to participate in team meetings via Zoom/Google Meet with your internship company. You'll also have weekly calls with your internship coach to address any questions you might have about your weekly internship deliverables.

Is there an application process? How do I get started?

Our program has an application process and is not open enrollment. Once a prospective student fills out the form or calls our admissions team, they will go through an initial phone interview. Applicants who are recommended to move forward will receive confirmation of acceptance into their Accelerator via email confirmation.

Will I need to purchase books?

No, all that is needed for our Accelerators is your laptop and an eagerness to learn.

Do you provide career planning support?

Yes, we offer all of our students career support and coaching, including resume writing, LinkedIn profile review, portfolio reviews, and technical and behavioral interview training.