Why is it that the two most important decisions we make in life, what we do for a living and who we spend our lives with, we get the least amount of formalized training for in school?  

After we graduate from college, most of us will spend about 83,000 hours of our lives working.  If we're lucky, we choose the right profession that provides us professional, financial, and personal happiness and fulfillment.  But unfortunately, most people aren't lucky.  66% of the workforce today is actively disengaged at work.

PathMatch helps college students make one of the most important decisions in their lives: what career path to take.  We help them figure out what they want to do for a living, what skills they need to develop, what internships will best serve them, and how to land the job of their dreams.



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Nancy Soni


Nancy is the CEO and Founder of PathMatch.  She’s also a Talent Partner at Hypothesis Ventures, a Venture Capital firm, where she advises high-growth companies on hiring and the former CEO of FILD, a recruiting firm that connects top talent to companies around the country.


After spending two decades helping companies hire top talent, she saw a gaping hole in how students learn about and attain jobs right out of college and how certain missteps could lead to major disadvantages later on.  She and her team built PathMatch to connect students to compatible career paths and devise a path towards attaining their career goals.

Nancy holds a BA in Psychology and Music from Emory University.

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